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Artist receives £37k Compensation after Surgical Error

An artist from Leicestershire has received compensation of £37,500 after a surgical error.

Margaret Gold underwent the surgical procedure at Leicester’s Glenfield Hospital in April 2009. The operation was in order to test for breast cancer, but ended up having life changing consequences for Mrs Gold.

During surgery, the surgeon mistakenly severed nerves in Mrs Gold’s armpit. This, coupled with delays in providing follow-up treatment, has had a lasting effect on her life. The delays in referring her for follow-up treatment meant that it was impossible to repair the damage done by the surgeon.

The nerve damage has left Mrs Gold unable to straighten her arm, meaning she does not have full use of her left arm and hand.

Now, the Leicester Mercury is reporting that Mrs Gold is set to receive compensation of £37,500 after making a claim against the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. The Trust has reportedly given assurances that they have made changes that should prevent a similar thing happening to other patients in the future.

Mrs Gold tells the paper that the injury has left her unable to paint and has made many everyday tasks (such as chopping food) difficult. It was also revealed that she has now received a letter of apology from the hospital.

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