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Asbestos compensation claims were made by men who died of mesothelioma

Two men from Devon who were in the process of making asbestos compensation claims have died from after developing mesothelioma.

Roy Capener, 72, and Michael Young, 54, had developed the illness after long periods of asbestos exposure throughout their working lives.

Both men were instructed to follow up asbestos compensation claims by personal injury solicitors as they realised the exposure to the dangerous substance would have an affect on the rest of their lives.

Mr Young was exposed to asbestos on regular occurrences due to his work as a builder and property developer. He also worked in factories in which he had to sweep asbestos particles from the floor.

His estate will now continue to pursue the asbestos compensation claims made before his death.

Mr Capener reportedly came into contact with asbestos from the age of 15 after he was employed at his father’s company. He came into contact with asbestos dust many times and it often fell on his face and hair. He also used to fit asbestos roof sheets in garages.

The coroner for the deaths confirmed that both men died from mesothelioma, meaning that asbestos compensation claims would likely of been successful.

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