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Bank Cashier who Hurt Back Lifting Coins Awarded Compensation

A bank cashier, who hurt her back lifting bags of coins, has been awarded £18,500 compensation.

Mary Deller was working for NatWest bank at their branch in Cheriton, Kent when the injury occurred in September 2010. She is reported to have injured herself whilst lifting bags of £1 coins.

The bags contained £500 worth of coins, and weighed approximately 21 lbs (9.5 kg). When she lifted them from the floor to a trolley, she felt her back ‘click’ and suffered intense pain.

Her back injury left her bed ridden and in need of pain-killing drugs. It has also kept her off work since October 2010. Medical professionals have since found that two disks in her spine have moved out of line. The injury has stopped her previously active lifestyle, which included dancing and going to the gym.

Kent News reports that Ms Deller made a work lifting injury claim against the bank after the accident, and has just received a compensation settlement totalling £18,500. She states to the paper that she was not given any health and safety training by the company, nor was she given any instruction on lifting heavy objects safely.

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