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Beauty Queen Wins £18k Compensation after Car Crash

A beauty queen has been awarded £18,000 in compensation after a car crash left her injured.

The accident happened in April 2009 when Fiona Dickie was returning home from a job at a drinks promotion event. She was travelling along South Clerk Street, Edinburgh in her Peugeot car when she was undertook by a Suzuki 4×4 vehicle. The 4×4 then tried to pull in front of her to avoid a parked vehicle, but ended up causing a collision.

Although Miss Dickie went home immediately after the accident, she rung an NHS helpline and was told to visit her doctor. Her doctor diagnosed her with chronic lower back pain and referred her to a physiotherapist.

It is reported that Miss Dickie then made a car accident claim against the driver of the other vehicle. The insurers for this other vehicle admitted liability, but a hearing at court has just taken place due to a disagreement from both sides on the amount of damages that should be awarded. Miss Dickie’s legal team were seeking close to £20,000, whilst the other side valued the case at close to £3,500.

The hearing concluded that Miss Dickie was not exaggerating her injuries and commended her efforts at getting on with her life and coping with her continuing lower back pain. She was awarded compensation of just over £18,000.

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