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Bereaved Family Win Long Compensation Claim Battle

The bereaved family of a man who was tragically killed in a car crash have won their long compensation claim battle.

Sean Fitt was involved in a horrific head-on collision on the A10 in 2005. He suffered severe injuries, and died at the scene. The 39 year old IT consultancy director left behind a wife and two young children. His widow Louise along with his brother Alan, made a claim for compensation against the insurers of the other car involved driven by a Steven Smith. They claimed for the loss of Mr Fitt as a breadwinner, husband and father to the family, as well as claiming for the bereavement pain and suffering of the loss.

Despite Mr Smith’s insurers admitting liability for the accident four years ago, the family have faced a long legal battle as the company disputed the amount of money due. The company however have made a dramatic settlement shortly before the case was due at court. A settlement of £300,000 was agreed and approved by the court. The court had previously heard that the death of Mr Fitt had ‘left a gaping hole’ in the lives of his two young children.

After the result the family announced it’s satisfaction at the verdict and their hope to be able to move on from this tragic chapter.

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