Bicycle Injury Compensation – Accident Case Studies

Case one – cyclist hit from the rear

Ms B was cycling along a main road when a van overtook at the last minute. Unfortunately, a car that was following the van closely did not see her cycling and drove straight into the back of her. She was knocked off her bike and suffered arm and shoulder injuries.

“Thank you for helping me out after my accident. It means a lot.”

With the help of Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors, Ms B received compensation for her injuries. The money helped her continue her rehabilitation after the accident.

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 Case two – car pulls out in front of cyclist

Mr M was cycling down a quiet residential street at a reasonable speed when a car pulled out from a side junction into his path. Despite braking suddenly he could not prevent a collision and hit the back of the vehicle. The driver of the car stopped to get Mr M medical attention, and later reported that he had not seen the cyclist when he pulled out. Mr M suffered facial injuries, and sought the help of Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors.

“I can’t believe how easy and simple you made things.”

We fought hard for Mr M, and he managed to receive the compensation he was entitled to.

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Case three – right turn bicycle collision

Mrs F was in the right lane of a road signaling to turn right through a gap in the oncoming traffic. A car behind her tried to overtake at exactly the same time that she began to turn right. The car struck Mrs F and knocked her off her bicycle and into the road. Although the leg injury she sustained was quite severe, her remaining injuries were not serious.

“I was worried about claiming but I had absolutely no need to be.”

Our knowledgeable team here at Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors got Mrs F compensation for her injuries and after a long recovery has since been able to get back on her bike.

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These three case studies are intended as a guide only. Each case is unique and advice should be sought by our trained professionals about your exact circumstances.

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