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Biker Claiming £300,000 Motorbike Accident Compensation from Careless Motorist

A biker form Croydon, London is claiming at least £300,000 in motorbike accident compensation after a careless motorist caused him serious injuries.

Pawan Aulakh was riding his Honda bike down Brighton Road in November 2009 when the incident occurred. Hannah Palmer was travelling in the opposite direction from Mr Aulakh in her Hyundai car. She made a right turn in front of the path of the motorcycle, forcing him to swerve into the oncoming traffic.

The Croydon Guardian newspaper is reporting that Mr Aulakh suffered severe injuries in the accident which he is yet to fully recover from. His right arm suffered neurological damage which causes excessive pain and stops his ability to use the limb. He also has skin wounds to his legs which prevent him from bathing due to the pain. The accident also had a psychological impact on Mr Aulakh which has resulted in severe depression.

Ms Palmer has already admitted to driving without due care and attention at a Magistrates Court in June. Mr Aulakh has been unable to work since the accident and is now seeking compensation. A writ has been issued at the High Court in London alleging that the accident was caused by Ms Palmer failing to pay proper attention to the road. The writ states that he is seeking compensation worth at least £300,000.

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