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Biker Seeks £300,000 Motorbike Accident Compensation after Bus Drives into Him

A biker is seeking over a quarter of a million pounds in motorbike accident compensation after his motorcycle was involved in a collision with a bus.

The Lutterworth Mail newspaper is reporting that Jason Martindale was travelling down a dual carriageway in Milton Keynes in August 2007 when the incident happened. A bus also travelling on the road allegedly changed lanes when it was unsafe to do so and caused the collision.

Mr Martindale suffered serious injuries in the crash. He fractured his right leg and damaged the nerves in his left arm. Despite regaining some of the use of his arm, he is still required to wear a splint and has to take pain killers to ease the pain he feels. He also suffered head injuries in the accident, and experiences psychological issues including depression.

Now Mr Martindale is suing the bus company for compensation. The bus company has already admitted its liability for the incident though it disputes the amount of damages due in the case. Jason is claiming £300,000 in compensation. He has been forced to change his job as a prison guard for a more mundane job in the prison control room. He has also been forced to give up several hobbies – such as playing sports – due to his injuries.

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