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Biker Seeks Compensation after Serious Crash at Junction

A biker is seeking motorbike accident compensation after being seriously injured in a crash at a junction in Cumbria.

Darren Atkinson was riding his motorbike along the A592 near Staveley-in-Cartmel when the accident happened in April 2010. He was carrying his 14 year old stepson on the back of the bike as a pillion passenger.

Now, the North-West Evening Mail reports that Mr Atkinson’s legal team have submitted papers to the High Court in London. Theses papers highlight that he was then involved in an accident, allegedly caused by the driver of a Ford Focus.

The papers allege that Mr Atkinson was about to pass a side road, when the Focus pulled out from this junction into his path. This caused the motorbike to hit the side of the car, and throw the riders across the vehicle and into the road.

Mr Atkinson’s stepson escaped the crash with just cuts and bruises. Mr Atkinson however was not so lucky. He fractured his hip and knee, and had to have metal plates fitted. Despite later undergoing a bone grafting procedure on his knee, he has been left with restricted movement, and is unable to kneel as a result.

The injury left Mr Atkinson unable to work for periods, and he is now reported to be seeking compensation of over £300,000. The insurers of the Ford Focus have reportedly already admitted liability for the incident.

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