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Biker Wins Case for Damages with the Help of a Personal Injury Claim Solicitor

Keen biker, Michael Henry, has been told he is to receive damages from Thames Valley Police over an incident which left him with a crushed ankle. The legal decision went with the claimant who pursued litigation with the help of a personal injury claim solicitor. The middle-aged biker from Haversham was pursued by a patrol car in the early hours of the morning after being spotted speeding on his 1100cc Honda Blackbird motorcycle. After a high speed pursuit he pulled to a stop on his own property. Unfortunately as he dismounted the bike, the patrol car pulled alongside him catching Mr Henry’s right ankle under the cars wheel, pinning him agonisingly to the ground. Mr Henry suffered ankle and foot injuries caused directly by the police car traversing over his foot.

Michael was unsuccessful in a compensation claim at Reading County Court in 2009 but recently reversed the decision at The Court of Appeal. Thames Valley Police were found to be “negligent” in Mr Henry’s case. Lady Justice Smith, Lord Justice Pill and Lady Justice Arden ruling the case stated that although the police driver was negligent, it was plainly a case of misjudgement on his part rather than misconduct. It was simply an incident of the police car stopping too close, partially because the stopping area was poorly lit.

Although the amount of damages has yet to be awarded, it is expected to be a substantial compensation package.

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