You might be clear that you are entitled to compensation if you are injured in an accident caused by someone else, but just how much are you likely to receive by way of damages?

The answer is likely to be more complicated than it might first appear. Although the reasoning is that you receive compensation for the losses you incurred, it is invariably difficult to put a price on those losses.

To take just one example of the type of losses for which you might be seeking compensation – the pain and anguish caused by your injuries. How is it possible to put a price on that?

It is in areas such as these that each person is likely to experience a different form and scale of loss. The difference means that the amount of compensation therefore needs to vary too. The result is that two individuals might receive quite different amounts in compensation, even when the circumstances of an accident might appear very similar.

There are important legal measures and precedent for calculating the amount of damages you may receive. Compensation for physical injury is a particular area of law that determines the amount of money you may receive. That is why it is important to draw on the expertise and experience of legal specialists to determine the level and extent of damages you receive. It is an area of specialisation which here at Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors we have gained the expertise and experience you are likely to need.

Fair and appropriate compensation for your injuries

You may have read about the concerns of government and the insurance industry generally in the number and the level of physical injury claims arising from road traffic accidents – and claims involving so-called whiplash injuries in particular. The Association of British Insurers (ABI), for example, most recently quoted the Ministry of Justice’s view that these have become “unacceptably high”.

It is why we take our role so seriously. Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors is not involved in chasing over-inflated claims such as those which some agencies may promise in order to profit from your road traffic accident injuries.

We are a team of specialist personal injury solicitors, bound by the codes of conduct of our professional body, the Law Society.

We are required to act entirely in your own interests to secure compensation that is full and fair, based on an objective and expert determination of the facts of the accident and the injuries you might have sustained as a result of someone else’s recklessness or lack of care. That is the basis on which we undertake to secure the best and most appropriate settlement of your claim.

In order to achieve this, we collect as much information as possible from you about the circumstances of the accident, the injuries you sustained and the consequences of those injuries. You might provide these by putting them in writing to us, but we are typically able to collect all the information we need over the telephone with you. Occasionally, we may need to follow up with a personal, face to face interview and are happy to visit you at home to do this, wherever your live in the UK.