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Boat Worker Claims £100,000 Accident at Work Compensation after Fall

A boat worker from Plymouth has launched a claim for £100,000 accident at work compensation after falling 30 foot at work.

Stephen White had been fitting connectors to a new vessel at the time of the incident in April 2009, when without warning, the floor of the boat gave way letting him plunge 30 foot onto the marble floor below. He fractured a vertebra in his back, an injury that later required surgery. Despite the operation, Mr White still suffers considerable and constant pain and is still receiving medical treatment for his injuries. He has been unable to work or complete simple everyday tasks since the accident, and is hence claiming compensation for the difficulties he has faced.

Mr White claims that the company was negligent in providing him with safe working conditions while replacing connectors on the boat, and insurers for Princess Yachts have already admitted liability for the accident and his injuries. However, there is some dispute as to have much compensation he should receive. Mr White’s law team value the claim at £100,000 and are pushing to achieve that level of accident at work compensation for him.

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