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Bomb Disposal Soldier Wins Compensation Claim for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

A former bomb disposal soldier has won a substantial compensation claim after suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

The unnamed soldier had a long career in the armed forces, serving in the Gulf, Northern Ireland and Bosnia among other places. His duties included diffusing explosive devices and dealing with terrorist attacks. His duties had a devastating effect on his mental health.

He was first given psychiatric tests in 1998 but was declared fit for duty by top army psychiatrists. He was only diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder later in 2004 after seeing a civilian psychiatrist. After this he was in a car accident and he suffered a breakdown in the same year. His condition deteriorated quickly, and he was discharged from the army on medical grounds.

He has now made a compensation claim against the Ministry of Defence, claiming that if they had diagnosed his condition earlier in the late 90s then it could have been managed and he would not have suffered a breakdown.

The MoD contested liability for his condition, stating that he had been made aware he was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder in the 1990s and legally had three years from that date to claim.

However, an out of court settlement was reached in July this year in which the MoD and the insurers of the car accident admitted joint liability for his condition. He is reported to be receiving a six figure compensation sum, with the MoD paying 40% of this.

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