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Botched Replacement Knee Op Man Grateful for Surgical Error Compensation

A man who suffered from a botched knee replacement operation has revealed his gratitude for the surgical error compensation that he has received.

Terry Heath underwent the operation back in 2004 and has been suffering from pain ever since. He believes the problems arose from the fact that the operation was performed incorrectly by Scandinavian surgeons, who were performing such operations at the time. He is of the belief that the shortness of his limbs was not taken into consideration when the procedure was carried out. He also reported to the Bristol Evening Post, the unnerving sensation of being able to feel the knee replacement material through his leg.

Surgeons from across Scandinavia were drafted in between 2003 and 2006 at Weston General Hospital in a bid to reduce waiting lists for knee operations. This practice has since been stopped.

Despite undergoing a second corrective operation at Southmead Hospital, Terry still suffers from chronic pain. He relies on crutches to move for mobility, and has been told he will require a wheelchair in the future. He does not enjoy the quality of life he did before, unable as he is to perform simple day to day activities such as playing golf.

Weston Area Health NHS Trust settled Mr Heath’s case out of court, and awarded him what is thought to be a substantial amount of surgical error compensation. He has reported that he will use the money to move to a bungalow, adapted for his disability needs. In a statement, Weston Area Health NHS Trust wished Terry all the best for the future.

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