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Boy Who Lost Eye Wins Injury Compensation after Delay in Hospital Treatment

A boy who lost an eye after having to endure an unacceptable delay in hospital treatment has been awarded eye injury compensation.

Harvey Dellar was just twelve months old when he was referred to Northampton General Hospital by an ophthalmologist. The referral letter recommended the need for urgent attention, and an appointment with a consultant within two weeks. However, an error with the date stamp on the letter meant that he was only given a slot to see a consultant 11 weeks later. This delay had serious consequences.

It came to light that Harvey had a rare cancerous tumour which unfortunately during the delay period had spread so much that his right eye had to be removed. His family and his legal team argued that although the cancer was bound to affect his sight regardless, earlier treatment could have saved his eye.

A settlement decided at Birmingham High Court awarded Harvey £50,000 in eye injury compensation. As is the case with compensation claims made on behalf of children, the money will be kept in a trust fund organised by the court until Harvey is 18.

His mother reported that she wanted to raise awareness of this rare cancer. One of the early warning signs is visible in photographs where the ubiquitous red eye only appears in one eye and not the other too.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Northampton General wished Harvey and his family all the best for the future.

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