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Boy Wins £3 Million Brain Injury Claim after Car Crash as Baby

A boy has won his £3 million brain injury claim after suffering life changing injuries in a car crash as a baby.

Ben Eeles was just a toddler when he was involved in a horrific incident, in which a car was hit by a coach on the A12 in which he was a passenger. The distressing collision happened near Hopton in Norfolk, and unfortunately resulted in several fatalities.

Essex County Standard newspaper is reporting that Ben suffered severe head and brain injuries in the accident which have dramatically affected his life. Although he is still a physically fit child, able to run and play with friends, the brain injury does cause struggles. The injury causes Ben language and concentration problems, which mean that he will require care for the rest of his life.

Liability for the accident had been admitted some years ago by the coach operators Cobham Hire Services. Compensation for the 12 year old has now been agreed by all parties. This will comprise of a lump sum payment – thought to be in the millions of pounds – coupled with annual payments designed to meet the costs of care, and provide security and peace of mind for the rest of his life. Although the exact settlement figure has not been release, it is thought to be at least in the region of £3 million pounds.

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