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Bradford Man to Claim Compensation after Suffering Toxic Sofa Burns

A Bradford man is battling for compensation after suffering horrific chemical burns, thought to have been caused by his leather sofa.

Fifty seven year old Stefan Wasylkiw of Dorset Close, in Little Horton, was sat on his leather sofa watching the breakfast news on the TV, when he started to feel intense pain on his face and arms.

The Bradford Telegraph and Argus newspaper is reporting that Mr. Wasylkiw had to be rushed to a doctor by his neighbour and was told by the burn specialist that his injuries were the worst burns she had seen in her twelve year career.

Mr. Wasylkiw told the newspaper that he could not understand how he could be so badly burned by just sitting and watching the news, until his doctor explained that some furniture manufactured in China contained sachets of a chemical called dimethyl fumarate, which was used to kill insects during transport.

The chemical however can cause toxic burns, if the sachets burst and the substance comes into contact with the skin.

Mr. Wasylkiw has now launched a claim for compensation but legal experts have warned that it could be a long drawn out process, as investigators first have to establish where the rogue sofa’s were manufactured and how they were imported into the United Kingdom.

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