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Brain Damage Victim Denied Pedestrian Accident Compensation by Judge

A man who suffered brain damage after being knocked down by a car as a child has been denied pedestrian accident compensation at Court.

Martin Joseph-Lawrence was just 12 when he was hit by a Renault Megane driven by Lloyd Robinson. He was crossing Tollington Road in Holloway – which is a busy four lane one-way street – on New Year’s Eve back in 1998. The collision knocked him from the third lane into the fourth and he unfortunately suffered a fractured skull and brain damage.

The injuries mean that Martin will require extensive care for the rest of his life and now lives in a residential care home. He had to be taught to eat again due to his severe brain damage.

Martin, through his legal companion (mother Jill), made a compensation claim against the insurers of Mr Robinson’s vehicle. However, the Judge at London’s High Court has ruled that Mr Robinson was in no way responsible for the accident. This was partly due to the fact that there was no CCTV footage of the incident and the only witness has emigrated and did not want to give evidence. Also the Judge commented on the lack of police evidence.

If the claim had been successful, the compensation awarded could have been in the millions due to the severity of the injuries. The compensation money would have been used to pay for the constant care that Martin requires for the rest of his life.

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