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Breach of health and safety which lead to man’s death costs company £85,000

A company found guilty of health and safety breaches after a man died on their premises in an accident at work has been fined £85,000.

Father and son company directors Richard and John Bateman of R J Bateman Engineering Ltd admitted breaking health and safety rules set out in the Act of 1974.

Employee Anthony Reed was killed when a coolant drum exploded after highly flammable materials were dropped into it. He had been welding practice pieces on a workbench that he had made himself, which was supported by the drum.

Mr Reed had only been at the company for one month before the accident at work occurred. It was therefore deemed that he did not have the relevant knowledge, or received appropriate training before carrying out the kind of work he was doing. Therefore health and safety rules had not been adhered to and a hefty fine was given.

The man suffered massive head injuries and passed away 8 days later in hospital.

R J Engineering Ltd was also fined for a previous health and safety breach will had failed to be reported in November 2004. On that occasion, an employee suffered chest injuries after falling from a roof extension at their factory site.

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