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Breast Cancer Survivor Wins Reconstructive Surgery Compensation for Botched Op

A breast cancer survivor has won reconstructive surgery compensation after a botched op left her horrified at her appearance.

Yvonee Laidlaw was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2003 after discovering a small lump on her right breast. She was treated at Royal Bolton Hospital, where she was recommended an urgent mastectomy. She agreed to this and was told that reconstructive surgery would take place at the same time. However, despite her joy at beating cancer, Yvonne was horrified by the appearance the op had left her with. Her reconstructed breast was smaller and higher than her other and was the cause of pain to her.

Ms Laidlaw describes feeling “ugly” and “self-conscious” by her new appearance. It had significant psychological effects on her, making her embarrassed to be naked. An independent report into her surgery, described it as ‘a cosmetic disaster’. The Royal Bolton Hospital refused to admit liability in the case, stating that the treatment Yvonne received was “entirely appropriate”. They did however admit that she was unhappy with the cosmetic appearance the treatment had left her with and agreed to pay her £37,000 in an out of court settlement.

They also agreed to pay £9,000 for a new reconstructive operation with a leading specialist surgeon.

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