Breast Implant Claim

Breast Implant Claim

These days cosmetic surgery is commonplace and undertaken by millions of people in the UK every year. One of the most frequent cosmetic procedures is breast implant or breast augmentation surgery. This is done to increase or decrease breast size, but is also sometimes performed on cancer patients who have had breast tissue removed. Unfortunately, sometimes this procedure can lead to problems for the patient involved. In cases like this, it may be possible to make a breast implant claim for compensation.


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Some of the common problems involved in breast augmentation surgery include:

  • Breast pain
  • Scar tissue from the operation
  • Hard tissue (capsular contracture) – a process of tissue growing on the implant
  • Uneven breasts
  • Ruptured implants – whether in silicone or saline

At Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors, we understand the trauma and distress problems with breast augmentation and plastic surgery can cause. We can offer you advice to help you with recovery and right the wrongs you have suffered. Many people have not had the risks involved in plastic and breast augmentation surgery explained. In breast implant cases, the body often reacts to the ‘foreign body’ it is faced with. Where the implant has split, the silicone is thought to stimulate antibodies which attack collagen and there are possible links to connective tissue disease and damage. A breast implant claim may be possible in such circumstances.

Further surgery is frequently required to put right any problems that have been caused by the initial procedure. We can help you claim the expense of this back in compensation, as well as money for loss of earnings and other expenses. The compensation you receive can help recompense you for the pain and suffering that has been caused by your surgical problems. We can give you an assessment of your breast implant claim now.

If you have undergone cosmetic surgery that has caused you pain or problems, then please call or contact us for our expert advice.


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Contact us at Amanda Cunliffe SolicitorsAt Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors we have vast experience in dealing with cosmetic surgery compensation claims. We will provide you with one of the best lawyers in the UK whose vast experience will be invaluable in the success of your breast implant claim. We will guide you through the claims process, making sure it is a smooth and rewarding experience for you.

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