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Brewery Fined after Workers Put at Risk of Manual Handling Injury

A brewery has been fined after some of its workers were put at risk of suffering an injury from manual handling.

In May 2010, inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive paid a visit to the microbrewery premises of Oxfordshire Ales Limited. They found issues regarding some manual handling operations that staff were using on the site.

The hoppers in the brewery were filled with malt and barley by employees. To do this however, they had to lift and carry sacks – that weighed up to 25kg – in awkward and difficult positions. The company was issued with an Improvement Notice and asked to perform a risk assessment and take action.

The HSE also found problems with a mezzanine floor, which was only accessible from inadequate steps.

The HSE made two further inspections to see if measures had been taken to improve the risk to staff from manual handling. However, in November 2010 and February 2011 they found no significant changes.

Yesterday, Magistrates in Aylesbury fined the company £6,000 for breaking health and safety, and work at height regulations.

A HSE inspector stated that the company took far too long to take necessary action to protect workers from injury.

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