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Bricklayer Wins £2,000 Compensation following Scaffold Fall

A Staffordshire bricklayer has been awarded more than £2,000 in accident at work compensation, after falling from unsafe scaffolding.

The Staffordshire Sentinel is reporting that thirty nine year old Darren Mahoney, from Cheddleton, was working at a building site in Manchester, when he fell a distance of almost two metres, after the scaffold board he was working from collapsed.

He suffered serious personal injury in the fall, including a collapsed lung and numerous cuts and bruises to his head and chest, which kept him off work for three weeks.

Stoke-on-Trent County Court was told that the site had been attacked by vandals and their actions had left the scaffolding unsupported, making it unsafe to work on.

Mr. Mahoney launched a claim for accident at work compensation, against the sites developer Bellway Homes Ltd, claiming that he had not been informed about the condition of the scaffolding, when he reported for work on the day of the accident.

However Bellway Homes argued that the bricklayer had been instructed not to use the scaffolding by his site manager and as these orders had been ignored, the accident was of his own making.

Mr. Mahoney was awarded £2,917 in damages, after Bellway Homes was found two thirds liable for the accident; however the court ruled that the experienced bricklayer had to take a third of the blame, as he should have taken some responsibility to keep himself safe.

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