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British Airways Facing Accident at Work Compensation Claim

British Airways is facing a quarter of a million pound accident at work compensation claim after an employee dislocated his shoulder at work.

Hair Sandhu was working at Heathrow Terminal 1 when the accident happened back in December 2007. A trailer had been left in the wrong place and needed moving. He and a colleague were asked to move it, and they went to push the trailer to the correct location. While pushing the trailer with his female colleague his feet slipped on a substance on the ground and he fell.

He dislocated his shoulder in the fall, and tore the tendons around the shoulder joint. Despite attempts to repair the damaged joint, he still suffers from acute pain and struggles to perform everyday tasks such as driving. He may yet need an operation to fit a shoulder replacement.

Mr Sandhu is now making an accident at work compensation claim against British Airways, the company he has been employed by for 30 years. His legal team are attempting to win a settlement of £250,000 for the pain and loss of earnings he has suffered. It is reported that British Airways has admitted liability for the accident but disagree with the amount of compensation Mr Sandhu is entitled to.

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