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Broken Bone Compensation Victory after Disabled Boys Fall

The family of a 13 year old disabled boy have been victorious in their fight for broken bone compensation.

Chris Fretwell was receiving care at the Mulberry Lodge respite centre in Handsworth when the accident happened. He slipped on a dirty floor where food and drink had not been cleaned up and seriously fractured his leg. Then staff at the home failed to recognise that Chris – who was aged just 10 at the time – had broken his leg. It was only the following day that the injury was discovered, and his parents were informed.

Chris has serious disabilities due to a condition known as non-specific dysmorphic syndrome. As a result he suffers from learning difficulties as well as difficulties moving and communicating. He requires constant care, and was temporarily in the home to give his parents a break from his constant care demands.

Mulberry Lodge is run by Sheffield City Council who denied liability for the accident. After a Judge ruled against them last year they lodged an appeal against the decision, but this has recently just been refused. They have paid compensation to Chris to cover the cost of his care and recovery from the incident. The exact figure involved has not been reported.

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