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Brothers Win Injury Compensation Claim for Assault at Hands of the Police

Two brothers have won an injury compensation claim after suffering an assault at the hands of the Metropolitan Police.

Ashley and Russel Inglis were peacefully protesting in London last year when the incident occurred. They were demonstrating outside the Israeli Embassy about the country’s actions in Gaza.

The brothers claim they were attacked without reason or just cause, and suffered blows to the head. They have proved that they were presenting no threat at the time and were merely exercising a basic democratic right to express their views. They claim that the police who hit them tried to act without chance of accountability, by covering up the identifying numbers on their shoulders.

Although the demonstrators claim they were hit on the head with batons, the Metropolitan Police suffered injuries to 55 of their Officers that day. 76 people were arrested and charged with several offences during a series of demonstrations at the time. 10 of these cases are being appealed at the Court of Appeal this week.

Ashley and Russell have now been awarded £12,500 compensation each for the incident. They were required to bring a civil claim against the police to achieve their compensation as they felt they did not achieve proper redress through the Police complaints procedure.

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