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Burnley Man Injured by Low-Hanging Bus Sign

A Burnley father of three suffered serious personal injury after he walked into a low-hanging bus sign, positioned less than six feet from the ground.

The Burnley Express is reporting that forty one year old Derek Theodore was walking towards his home in Coal Street, late one evening, when he collided with the bus stop sign located in Plumbe Street.

He told the newspaper that he walked straight into the sign, which was positioned at only five feet and seven inches from the pavement, as he made his way home in the dark.

The force of the impact knocked him off his feet and as he tried to get up he realised he was bleeding profusely from a nasty head wound, caused by the signs sharp metal edge.

Paramedics were called to the scene but Mr. Theodore’s injuries were so sever he had to be taken to the Burnley General Hospital, where the ten centimetre gash in his forehead had to be glued.

He is now calling for the bus sign to be removed, before anyone else suffers a similar injury.

A spokesperson from Lancashire County Council stated that after they were notified of the incident the sign was removed immediately, as it was found to be below the standard minimum height, he added that further inquiries into the incident were being made.

It has not been reported whether or not a claim for compensation has been made.

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