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Burns Victim Makes Compensation Claim against Ambulance Service for Delay in Treatment

A man who sustained 30 per cent burns in an accident and then had to wait two hours for an ambulance to get to him is making a compensation claim for the delay he had to endure.

James Baldwin suffered the injuries when he fell into a pile of burning crates in April last year. Friends who were with him on the night immediately called 999 to get him emergency treatment. Fire fighters, police and one paramedic were on the scene within 15 minutes, but an ambulance did not appear to take him to hospital.

Mr Baldwin’s hands were badly injured, suffering third degree burns. He also suffered first and second degree burns to his stomach, back, legs and arms. He claims the burns to his legs were made more serious by the delay, as his jeans had become covered in burning plastic from the fire and were continuing to burn him. Due to the ambulance setback the jeans were not removed for three hours after the incident occurred. He eventually received treatment in the burns department at Swansea Morriston Hospital, and currently has fortnightly check ups on his injuries.

Mr Baldwin’s injuries stopped him from working as a labourer for nearly a year. He has now instructed solicitors to put together a compensation claim case for him for negligence by the ambulance service.

An ambulance service spokesman reiterated the seriousness with which they investigate every complaint.

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