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Bus Company Sets Aside £131,000 to Pay Compensation Claims

Lothian Buses has set aside over £131,000 to pay compensation to passengers injured on their vehicles.

The Scotsman reports that there were 500 accidents on the firm’s buses during the yearly period between November 2011 and November 2012. Lothian Buses has set out £131,206 to pay compensation to those injured in these bus accidents.

It is reported that people were injured in various ways during these accidents. Some were injured after being thrown around the inside of the vehicle by sharp braking. On top of this, 85 people were hurt falling whilst they were getting off or on to the bus, and 42 people were injured by being trapped in the bus doors.

A spokesperson for the company told the paper that the number of injured people was a tiny percentage of passengers that had used their transport services during the year. He estimated this figure to be around 0.0005 percent.

Although a small number of accidents are inevitable, the spokesperson confirmed that the company had excellent safety training programmes in place.

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