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Bus Driver Guilty of Crashing for Whiplash Compensation Claim

A bus driver who admitting staging a crash with the intention of making a whiplash compensation claim was sentenced in London yesterday. Luqmahn Danial was working as a double-decker bus driver in London when he drove into the back of his friends’ car in a false insurance claim. Mr Danial was driving the 182 route bus through Harlow to Brent Cross London, when he deliberately drove into the back of a Seat Toledo driven by Imran Hussain. It was reported that on the day of the accident Mr Danial deliberately drove past legitimate passengers waiting at bus stops and instead only picked up 6 friends as ‘customers’. The court heard how all of them were planning to submit a whiplash compensation claim as well as claim referral fees for their ‘injuries.’

Suspicions were raised when police attended the incident and were later confirmed when they discovered the two drivers knew each other. Mobile phone records confirmed the two men discussing the crash both before and after the incident, and after pleading guilty to fraud in court they were given suspended 6 month jail sentences. Police called the plans of the gang audacious, and potentially putting the safety of the public at risk. With the average whiplash compensation claim payout in the region of £1000, the gang were set to defraud the insurance company for thousands of pounds if they had been successful.

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