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Bus Passenger seeks Compensation after Sharp Braking causes Injury

A bus passenger is seeking compensation after they were injured when the vehicle braked sharply.

The unnamed 46 year old was on the 88A bus in South Tyneside when the incident happened on Monday 20th August. Several people were injured when they were thrown forward suddenly. The driver had slammed on the brakes of the vehicle on its route from South Shields.

Several passengers suffered minor injuries and were taken to South Tyneside District Hospital. Injuries included a cut to a passenger’s leg.

The 46 year old male passenger – reported by the Shields Gazette to be seeking compensation – suffered from inflammation of the right side of the spine as well as suffering from whiplash. He has also reported to be suffering from a recurring headache.

The man reports to the paper that he has sought legal advice in respect to claiming bus passenger accident compensation in regards to the incident. He also states that he believes other injured passengers are doing the same.

A spokesperson for the bus company that operates the service stated that an internal investigation into the incident was under way.

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