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Bus Passengers Injured after Driver Slams on Brakes

A bus passenger is launching a claim for accident compensation, after suffering an injury when the vehicle braked suddenly.

The forty six year old, who has not been named, told the Shields Gazette that he was travelling on the 88A bus from South Shields, when the driver braked suddenly, causing a number of passengers to be thrown forward.

Five of the passengers had to be taken by ambulance to the A&E department at South Tyneside District Hospital, suffering with head injuries, whiplash and various cuts and bruises.

The newspaper reports that at least one of the injured passengers is now considering legal action against bus operator, ‘Go North East’, after suffering an inflammation to the right side of his spine and a whiplash injury.

He also stated that he now suffers with a recurring headache since the accident and was under the impression that other injured passengers would also be claiming compensation.

A spokesperson from Go North East stated that an internal investigation into the incident was underway and confirmed that some of the passengers were injured and received hospital treatment; however he said that he had not been made aware of any compensation claims against the bus company.

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