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Businessman fined after forklift truck accident

Further to last week’s report on forklift accidents and forklift safety week, Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors has learnt that Cheshire businessman David Alcock has been fined £1750, plus £2250 costs after failing to train employees how to use the forklift truck that was on his premises.

Alcock, the owner of Stoke’s R&AF Engineering had temporarily borrowed the forklift truck for his business. He had some experience of using one, but did not hold any current formal training certificate.

Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard how Alcock was fully aware of defects on the forklift truck, including how a piece of wood was holding the truck in place so it did not roll away. Despite this he did nothing about it and left the machine with the keys stuck in the ignition on the warehouse floor.

The accident at work claim was made against him by 17-year old Ben Appleby, who used the forklift truck whilst unattended. His leg was seriously injured when the forklift truck in question overturned and trapped it underneath. Appleby had to stay in hospital for a period of two weeks to recover from his injuries.

Judge Paul Glenn said: “Forklift trucks are frequently the cause of accidents in the workplace, including some fatal accidents. It is important to ensure they are in good working order and maintained, and employees are adequately trained in operating them.”

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