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Car Manufacturer Fined after Polishing Accident Severs Fingers

A large car manufacturing company has been fined after one of its employees severed fingers in a polishing accident.

Cesar Santos was injured in the accident at Honda UK’s plant in Swindon during February 2012. He was using a manual lathe when he suffered the devastating finger injury.

Mr Santos had a metal component spinning on the lathe as he was polishing it with an emery cloth. As he was coming to the end of the polishing task, his glove became caught and entangled in the machinery.

The accident caused two of the fingers on his right hand to be severed. The injury kept him off work for the following six weeks. Although he has now returned to full duties at work, at times he needs assistance from others.

The investigation by the Health and Safety Executive found that Mr Santos’ glove became caught whilst he was distracted by supervisors. The company has a policy highlighting that gloves should not be worn when using machinery. In this instance however, the policy was not enforced.

At a hearing at Swindon Magistrates’ Court yesterday the company admitted to breaking health and safety legislation. As a result of this they were fined £10,000.

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