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Car Passenger Wins £11 million Serious Personal Injury Claim

A car passenger who was involved in a horrific crash in Walsall has won his serious personal injury claim and been awarded with an £11 million pound payout.

Wasim Mohammed was in the passenger seat of a car driven by his friend in the summer of 2006. The car was forced into the wall at a junction after colliding with another vehicle. The driver later admitted to police that he was travelling between 40 and 50 mph in a 30mph zone, attempting to overtake the other vehicle as it turned right. The driver of the vehicle was convicted of careless driving in 2007.

Wasim Mohammed – just 18 at the time of the accident – broke his neck during the incident and suffered serious damage to his spine. He is now tetraplegic, meaning he has no function in his legs and little in his arms. He will need care for the rest of his life.

His serious personal injury claim was settled yesterday shortly before it was due in court. He was awarded £4.25 million in compensation. Such a large figure represents the seriousness of his injuries and is designed to provide specially adapted accommodation for his needs. He will also receive annual payments of £235,000 to pay for his care for the rest of his life. Mr Mohammed has built a home across the street from his parent’s home. This ensures he has the support of his family, as well as a home adapted to his needs.

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