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Care Worker Injured by Collapsing Ceiling Wins Compensation

A care worker, who was injured when he was struck by debris from a collapsing ceiling, is reported to have received compensation.

David Kennedy was a support worker at the Prospect Park Hospital when the accident happened. He was in the dining room caring for people suffering from mental illness.

Whilst in the dining room, a piece of plasterboard fell from the ceiling and struck Mr Kennedy on the head. The blow knocked him unconscious, and he suffered multiple injuries. He sprained his shoulder, and the blow to the head has left him with tinnitus and hearing loss. The hearing loss is so bad that he now has to wear two hearing aids.

Get Reading reports that the ceiling had been reported to managers at the facility as unsafe. A maintenance man, just one day previously, had reported the ceiling as damp and drained off water that had accumulated.

It is reported that Mr Kennedy made a work accident claim after the incident, which has recently been settled. His legal team successfully argued that the area should have been cordoned off or the room completely blocked from use until the ceiling underwent maintenance work.

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust settled the case out of court after admitting liability for Mr Kennedy’s injuries.

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