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Carpenter Brain Damaged in Car Crash wins Compensation

A Colchester carpenter, who suffered serious personal injury, after a car being driven by his girlfriend was involved in an accident, is now set to receive a substantial compensation package.

Thirty three year old Robert Perfect was the front seat passenger in a vehicle, which crashed into the central reservation of the A12 close to Ipswich, in Suffolk, after his then girlfriend tried to answer her mobile telephone while driving.

The London Evening Standard is reporting that the car rolled over several times, before coming to a halt, leaving Mr. Perfect with severe injuries, including crushed lungs, multiple fractures, a ruptured spleen and a devastating brain injury.

Mr. Perfect’s injuries were so serious that he had to give up work and now relies on his family and mother for the support that he needs.

His mother Sharon launched a claim for car accident compensation, on Roberts’s behalf, against the former girlfriend’s insurance company who have now admitted liability for the accident.

A settlement is expected in the near future, which will help fund Robert’s future care and rehabilitation, which will allow him, with the support of carers, to move into his very own home.

His ex-girlfriend had eight points put on her license and was fined £250, after she was convicted of a charge of careless driving.

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