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Cashier Sues Betting Shop for Compensation after Armed Robbery

A cashier at a betting shop has sued her employers for compensation after an armed robbery occurred during her shift.

Kerry Nicholls was employed at the Ladbrokes betting shop in Coventry when the incident happened in November 2007. Two masked men entered the shop and pointed a gun at Ms Nicholls.

She was forced to hand over £3,000 in cash to the gun men as they made their way behind the counter. The experience left her “hysterical” and “physically sick” the Coventry Telegraph reports.

The paper also reports that Ms Nicholls sued her employers, claiming that the robbery had left her with psychological injuries. Her legal team argued that the company should have fitted a magnetic lock system on the shop door, which could have been controlled by staff during the hours of darkness. They claimed failing to fit the lock amounted to a breach in the duty of care owed to Ms Nicholls.

A judge ruled the case in Ms Nicholls favour back in May and she was awarded £9,000 compensation. However, it is now reported that Ladbrokes have just been granted the right to appeal this decision. Their lawyers argue that the decision could result in huge costs to them, forcing changes to the lock systems in all betting shops.

The appeal will be heard at a later date.

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