Cerebral Palsy Compensation

Cerebral Palsy Compensation

Cerebral palsy is a condition that affects the brain and causes issues with movement, posture and co-ordination. It is caused by a disturbance to the brain development during or before birth, or as an infant. This can be brought on in numerous ways, such as oxygen starvation to the brain, an infection in early pregnancy or a neonatal stroke for example.


Cerebral palsy and negligence at birth

Figures suggest and estimate that 1 in 10 cases of cerebral palsy are caused by injury at birth. In such cases, failures to monitor the baby correctly during labour can result in a delay in delivery, during which time oxygen starvation to the brain can occur and result in cerebral palsy.

Taking legal action for compensation after such instances can often lead to improvements in maternity care standards, as well as an apology being issued.


Compensation and legal action

Cerebral palsy compensation can be obtained in situations where the negligence or mismanagement of child birth by health professionals resulted in cerebral palsy. As every person with cerebral palsy is affected differently, their needs and requirements are different too.

Compensation can pay for the individually tailored support and care needs required. This includes the cost of any specific aids or carers, and can even cover the cost of specially adapted accommodation.


Important cerebral palsy compensation information

Contact us at Amanda Cunliffe SolicitorsThere is a time-limit placed on taking legal action for cerebral palsy, but this does not affect those under 18 years old. The time limit is three years from the sufferers 18th birthday. This effectively means that anyone under the age of 21 is eligible to start a claim or have someone make a claim on their behalf.

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