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Chassis Fall Crushes Man’s Leg

A man’s leg was crushed when the chassis of a trailer fell during its construction.

Waldemar Makowski was employed by farm machinery manufacturer, K Two Sales Ltd, when the accident occurred in August 2011.He was building the chassis of a trailer at the company’s premises in Buckinghamshire.

Mr Makowski was trying to move the trailer from the yard at the site. To do this, he was using a fork lift truck that attached to the draw bar. However, during this process, the chassis fell from its support and landed on Mr Makowski’s leg.

His leg was seriously damaged by the chassis, and he suffered numerous bone fractures. The injury kept him off work for months while he recovered from the accident.

This month, the company has found themselves in front of Magistrates in Aylesbury in regards to the incident. The Health and Safety Executive asserted that the firm had not considered the risks of the chassis falling. It has since redesigned the draw bar to include a supporting leg to stop future incidents.

At court, K Two Sales Limited admitted breaking work equipment and health and safety regulations and were fined £16,000.

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