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Chemical Burns Factory Worker makes Scar Compensation Claim

A factory worker who was badly burnt by a chemical spillage is making a scar compensation claim after the burns scarred him for life.

Dean Moore was employed at FMC Chemicals at the Wirral International Business Park. He was working unblocking pipes with steam when a torrent of lithium chloride sprayed from the pipe onto his uncovered skin. The chemical is used to manufacture batteries and was heated to burning temperatures by the steam being used on the pipes. Mr Moore suffered severe burns to his neck and shoulders. The burns caused him excruciating pain for six months and he is struggling to get back to work after being off for so long. He also suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety after the incident and unfortunately lost his house as he was unable to keep up with the mortgage payments without work.

Mr Moore was only a temporary worker at the time of the accident and it was proved at Wirral Magistrates court that he had not received adequate training to enable him to carry out his work safely. FMC Chemicals was prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive for this accident after being warned about safety at the plant a year before this incident when another worker suffered burns. They were fined £13,485 and forced to pay legal costs of £9,000 after breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 in regards to ensuring the safety of its workers.

Mr Moore has now started a scar compensation claim against the company to recover the costs of the financial hardship put upon him by the company’s negligence.

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