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Cheshire Window Manufacturer Prosecuted after Worker loses Finger

A window manufacturing company based in Cheshire, has been prosecuted and fined after an employee had a finger severed by a poorly guarded rotating saw.

The twenty six year old, who has not been named, was working for East Cheshire Glass Ltd, at their plant on London Road, in Macclesfield and was attempting to position a piece of uPVC plastic under the saws rotating blade, ready for cutting.

Unfortunately the blade came into contact with his left hand and severed his index finger at the second knuckle.

Macclesfield Magistrates’ Court was told that the machine was left running in-between cuts to help speed up production, it was also noted that the blades safety guard had been adjusted in such a way, that several inches of the blade were left uncovered.

East Cheshire Glass Ltd pleaded guilty to breaching the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations and was consequently fined £1,000 for allowing access to dangerous moving machine parts.

A spokesperson from the Health and Safety Executive stated that this type of accident was still commonplace in the manufacturing industry and added that suitable guarding of dangerous machinery was vital, in order to safeguard employees.

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