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Claims for compensation in criminal assault cases tampered by government target setting

Police are making it harder for people to make claims for compensation by not recording cases of criminal assault it has been reported.

It’s believed that the police are keeping many cases quiet to improve their crime-fighting statistics to meet targets set by the government.

Approximately 5,000 criminal assault cases are treated as a ‘no crime’ by officers, including drunken and physical attacks. This accounts for up to a third of all potential criminal compensation claims.

Claims for compensation in criminal cases looks at evidence recorded by the police at the time of the incident and of any further prosecution. Therefore, if the details are not being stored at the time then making a claim becomes much more problematic.

Denis O’Connor, the Chief Inspector of Constabulary believes it is possible that government targets have not given police incentive to record crimes fully.

He said of the amount of cases not being recorded: “It’s a very high error rate on a small sample. For us as the regulator, it’s a matter of concern.”

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