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Cleaning Company fined for accident at work where truck fell on worker

A cleaning products maker based in Nottingham has been fined for an accident at work, after an employee was severely injured when a lifting machine toppled and fell on top of him.

The worker, who asked not to be named, was helping load a truck with materials using a semi-electric stacker truck, a piece of machinery that is used to assist lifting and transporting material

The truck was pulled over a kerb and toppled onto the worker, causing him multiple skull injuries, a fractured cheekbone and long term impaired vision. He was in hospital for around ten days and had to take almost three months off work.

After an investigation carried out by the HSE (health and safety executive) in to the accident at work, Revelholme Marketing Ltd, a company that makes degreasers and cleaning products were prosecuted for the incident.

The Nottingham based firm were fined £5,000 and made to pay legal costs of £18,000 after they pleaded guilty to breaching the provision and use of work equipment regulations act.

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