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Company fined after construction worker blinded

A construction company has been fined after an accident at work left a worker with serious head injuries which blinded him in one eye after.

John Ingram a fifty five year old builder and fitter from Cambridgeshire, suffered injuries in an accident at work whilst working on a project refurbishing a farm building.

The builder who works for Balsham (Buildings) Ltd, a steel manufactures and cladding contractors, was working on a tower made of scaffolding which had been built on a freight container, when he feel to the ground as he was climbing down.

Mr Ingram ended up in a coma for a number of days and suffered cuts, bruising and facial fractures as a result of the accident at work. He was unable to work for eight months and has since returned to work on a part time basis.

When the Health and Safety Executive started their investigation on Mr Ingrams accident at work fall, they found that all the correct planning and safety guidelines had been adhered to and put in place for working at height on the inside of the structure, however the same had not been done for working at height on the outside of the building.

Mr Ingrams employers Balsham (Buildings) Ltd, appeared in court and were fined £14,000 and ordered to pay £8,832.30 in costs after they were found guilty of breaking two accounts of Health and Safety legislation.

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