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Company Fined after Factory Accident – Man Loses Finger

A company from Newcastle under Lyme has been fined after a factory accident occurred during which a man lost the top of his finger.

A prosecution against Building Adhesives Ltd, of Trentham was brought by the Health and Safety Executive at Newcastle under Lyme Magistrates Court on Wednesday. The accident in question happened in July 2009 and involved an unnamed 49 year old employee.

The worker was loading large bags of rubber into a hopper which then delivers them around the factory. The company had modified the machine which the employee was using, by altering the safety guard. They had replaced the guard with an ill-fitting interlocked guard which meant he could access the conveyor section. His hand got caught in this area and he was taken to hospital.

The employee had the top of his middle finger on his right hand amputated, and suffered injury to his ring finger as well.

The company was fined £10,000 and made to pay legal costs of £4,000 after admitting to breaching safety regulations in regards to work equipment. This regulation requires all companies to prevent employee access to dangerous parts on machinery.

The employee could make a civil work accident compensation claim for his injuries now that liability has been decided.

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