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Company Fined after Lift Motor Falls into Hospital Lobby and Injures Public

A company has been fined after a lift motor fell into the lobby of a hospital and injured a member of the general public.

The incident happened at Luton and Dunstable Hospital in September 2010. Cotswold Lifts Limited were undertaking work on the passenger and goods lifts in the premises. Part of this work required moving a lift motor that weighed over a tonne.

They were moving the heavy motor using a sling and block and tackle. However, as they were moving it over a hatch, it came loose and fell. It fell into the hospital lift lobby causing structural damage.

One member of the public was injured in the accident. They were waiting for the lift but were struck by falling debris.

The Health and Safety Executive issued the company with a Prohibition Notice to immediately stop work being carried out in a similar way. The HSE then investigated the accident and found that the firm had not planned and managed the work correctly, including not protecting the hospital users and employees.

A prosecution was brought against Cotswold Lifts Limited for breaking the Health and Safety at Work Act. They were fined £5,000 on Monday after pleading guilty at Luton & South Bedfordshire Magistrates’ Court.

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