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Company Fined after Worker Suffers Severe Burns in Factory Accident

A Staffordshire firm has been prosecuted, after an employee became trapped in a machine and suffered serious burn injuries to his arms.

Sixty year old Stewart Wood from Leek, in Staffordshire, was working a night shift for Marling Leek Limited, who manufactures webbing that is used for seatbelts and harnesses, most notably in the aircraft and automotive industries.

Stafford Magistrates’ Court heard that Mr. Wood was operating a dye machine when it developed a fault and webbing became wrapped around the machines rollers, in an attempt to unravel the webbing Mr. Wood climbed onto the machine and his left arm got dragged in-between the rotating rollers, as he tried to free himself his right arm also got pulled into the mechanism.

Mr. Wood was rushed to the North Staffordshire hospital suffering with severe burn injuries to his arms; he was later transferred to a specialised burn injury unit in Birmingham, where he remained for two weeks.

An investigation into the incident by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) revealed that the company had failed to put into practice a safe system of working for dye machine operators and had exposed such personnel to risk of injury.

Marling Leek Limited, of Marling Mills, Leek, in Staffordshire, was fined £5,000 after admitting a breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

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