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Company Fined after Workers Crushed by Granite Slabs

Two workers suffered multiple injuries, after they were crushed by a falling stack of granite slabs.

Thirty four year old agency worker Chris Thurston and twenty four year old Gary Avery, were working as part of a four man team, removing granite slabs that were stacked on an A-Frame.

Bournemouth Magistrates Court was told that the two employees were attempting to take the weight of four of the slabs, while their co-workers removed the slabs that were required.

Unfortunately the slabs toppled over and fell onto the two men, causing serious crush injuries.

Mr. Thurston broke his leg and suffered a laceration to his neck, while Mr. Avery suffered injury to the nerves in his foot and bruising to his leg.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) revealed that the two injured employees had not received adequate training, from their employer Modular Granite Ltd, on how to move the slabs safely.

The Bournemouth based company was fined £3,000 after admitting a breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act, following a successful prosecution by the HSE.

A HSE inspector stated that the accident could have been avoided, had the company developed a safe way of working with the heavy granite slabs.

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