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Compensation after Electric Shock from Freezer in Juice Bar

Compensation is reported to have been awarded after a woman suffered an electric shock from a defective freezer in a juice bar.

Julie Humphries was working at the Boost Juice Bar in the Meadowhall shopping centre, Sheffield, when the incident happened in February 2009. She was working behind the counter of the juice bar when she placed her hand on top of a freezer.

Mrs Humphries then suffered an electric shock that caused her injury. She was left with pain in her neck and shoulders and had to take a week off work to recover. She still is said to suffer from intermittent bouts of pain from the accident.

The Star reports that Mrs Humphries has made a successful compensation claim for her injuries. Her legal team apparently found that the manager knew of the fault on the freezer but failed to take any action. Appropriate action for the manager to take would have been to switch the freezer off and inform staff of the danger.

Boost Juice Bars Ltd reportedly settled the case out of court. The amount of compensation awarded for the electric shock injury has not been reported.

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